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FTG Warehouse
3511 Finch Road, Modesto, CA

FTG Warehouse, Modesto, California

Supply chain management is an integral part of your business operations today more than ever. FTG focusing on the on-demand and dynamic needs of you logistics requirements. This is what allows you to remaining one step ahead of your competition. Reacting to customer needs, accurate order processing and reporting, and real-time inventory management are only part of the challenge.

FTG Warehousing simplifies the way you outsource logistics support. FTG implements simple and dependable systems to give our customers ultimate control so you can focus on your core business functions while maintaining tight process control over your entire supply chain network. FTG insures that your orders are filled to insure inventory is accurate and you stay connected. FTG flex- warehousing also provides added value by reducing seasonal challenges and our Wed-based management platform is tailored to keep you up to date. FTG Warehousing combines knowledge in logistics, warehousing & technology to offer a variety of managed warehousing solutions that meet our customers needs.

ISO-9001:2000 Certified Logistics Provider
FTG Warehousing is building a strong service company one customer at a time. Operating over 70,000 square feet with state of the art web based systems, FTG offers total flexibility and complete systems integration ability. FTG continues to invest in people and technology to stay on the cutting edge. FTG offers solutions for any size company anywhere in the world. Saving customers’ s money and adding value

Anytime, Anywhere Management
Internet based order processing and real-time inventory management. Track orders, review shipping costs and manage data.

Managed Solution
Allowing our customers to expand and contract as their specific needs require, FTG provides a valuable alternative for short term or long term space requirements and managed solution.

Quick & Easy Web Connect
24/7, On Line, Real Time Inventory

FTG, Inc. Tel: (800) 734-1988 Fax: (800) 734-8080 E-mail: Info@ftginc.com

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